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    Certification: What it's About and Why it Matters

    March 31st

    Like a lot of professions, being certified means constantly keeping up on the latest innovations and information in your industry. The difference with the arborist profession is we are by nature not great students. It's why we work outside with our hands. The thought of sitting in a classroom just pains most of us and many a terrific tree man painfully reminisces about the years of agony listening to teachers in school.

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  • climbing-tree

    From an Early Age

    March 31st

    My first experience at tree care I was about eight years-old. My family had a bunch of medium sized oaks in the yard and after one storm I saw a branch hanging down about 25 feet up in the tree. It was bent over but still attached. I climbed the tree and tried to put the branch back in place but it wouldn't stay. The tear where the branch met the stem was long, but there was good wood holding the two together. So I climbed back down, found some thin rope, put it in my pocket and went back up. Read more ...  

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